Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How do you join books about woodworking, with stories of family and faith?

...With a "Dove-tale" of course!

Growing up within a family of woodworkers I learned early on to look for dove-tail joints in the drawers of furniture. I knew that dove-tails were an indication of quality in workmanship and of a piece of furniture that would far outlive me.

I also learned within that household of seven children—six boys and one girl— to appreciate the wonderful and rare gift of closeness that a family can experience; a closeness that develops through living the happy and not so happy times together—that "dove-tailing" of shared experiences, which joins a family for life.

At the age of twenty, I was given the precious gift of faith in Christ, a faith that has seen me through some difficult journeys of my own, and like that dove-tail joint, it is a faith that has endured.

Our lives are filled with stories, unique to our experience. And through those experiences, indelible memories are made—memories to be passed on, insights to be shared.
Through sharing, we may encourage others in similar situations.

The books on this site are all related in some way, authored by Wallace M. Kunkel, father of those seven children and myself, Mary B. Walsh, his only daughter.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to each one—and as products are added, introduce them as let's get started.

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